Being a mom is hard work, even for seasoned mom’s who should know what we are doing, there are some moments and days when we look at our child and think, “This kid should have come with a manual, please Lord, A little help down here?!”

When I hear people say, “Oh, I miss the baby stage!” My immediate thought is no ma’am, not me. When I look at pictures of my own kids as babies or other babies, I do get nostalgic thinking of their sweet baby smiles, holding them as babies, and watching them learn the new stages, but, I have done the baby stage 6 times, I got my fill.

And the toddler stage? Yeah, don’t get me started!

The tantrums and the:


“I do it!”


Of course with the bad, comes the good- the happy giggles, the pure love a toddler gives and there was always naptime. But, again, I got my fill (6 times), I don’t have any desire to go back.

My kids range in age from 6 to 17. Breast feeding is done, explosion poops are over, baby proofing is done, potty training is done, we have upgraded to family walks for 1-2 miles, trips to the park where I don’t have to hover by the equipment afraid someone is too close to the edge, playing solo, reading solo, and board games. There are school activities, playing outside, bike rides, swimming, sledding, and lots of other family activities. My oldest 2 have jobs, and soon both of them will be drivers (instead of just 1).

The thing is…

no matter what season we are in, we are meant to enjoy where we are at. We cannot wish to go back whether to relive the good times or fix the bad times, we have to live in the now and enjoy the now. We have to enjoy what we have currently and stop wishing for what we have not.

We must also remember…

that no parent or child or family is perfect. We ALL have to live this life with no manual for how each person operates. We ALL go through hard moments, days, weeks and seasons. None of us has the room to judge another parent, child or family because of the hard season or the season we walk in on. If we can just remember that we are all doing this thing of life doing the very best we can do in the current season we are in with the cards we are dealt.

So, if you are in a good season, bless you.

If you are in a bad season, double bless you.

No matter what, remember this too shall pass and when it does, we want to remember the good, the bad and the ugly and have no regrets.

P.S. Image by Ian Wilson from Pixabay 

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