My 3 Pet Peeves When I Visit A Website

Pop Ups

Today, I searched something on Pinterest, and I clicked on the article of choosing and before the article even came up for me to view, there were five….. FIVE popups that I had to close out of in order to get to the main site.

Now, normally, I close out of the post when this happens and move on, but I wanted to read the article, so I stayed.

You know, I completely understand the desire to get your course, or your freebie out there or grow your list, or get followers to your social media- because we all have goals, but, I absolutely HATE pop ups with a passion.

Do you know how it is to visit a blog to read an article and you barely even start reading it and a pop up comes up about subscribing to a list?

Why would I want to subscribe to a list of a post I just started reading?!

That is like showing up to a first date and you say hello to each other and your date asks you to go back to his or her place to get to know each other better, without having supper, without having another date…. Just No.

Do you realize, that most people are on their phones, and that half the time, they cannot close the pop up to get to the content they want to read? So, what do they do?

They close out of the website- WITHOUT READING THE CONTENT.

And they find another site with another article to read without pop ups.


Another thing I hate when I visit a site is for it to be covered in ads.

I don’t mean a nicely planted ad on the side or the top. I mean ads all over the post, all over the website. This is SO distracting.

If the information is good, I read it, but it doesn’t make me want to buy anything from the ad, and it doesn’t make me want to visit the website again or to cause me to even remember what website it was.

Bombarding Me With Emails

So, let’s say that I stick on your website, and I sign up for your freebie or your mailing list….. or I purchase a product from you. Yay! Go you!

You will lose me faster than you can say, “Lose me” if you bombard me with emails.

I understand that you have other products you want me to buy, or more content you think is pertinent to me, but, come on, I don’t need to receive 2-3 emails everyday, or even an email everyday. If I want more of your items, I will definitely be back for more- if I like what I purchased. And I will be more likely to be a long term fan/repeat customer if you are not bombarding me with emails.

So, let’s re-cap:

  • Don’t ask me to come to your place without eating dinner first AKA, Just Say No to Pop Ups- or at least wait until I have reached the end of your post to send me to one.
  • Don’t post a million ads. There are other ways to make money without being so in your face with the ads. Place just a few tastefully placed ads on your blog or post and you are more likely to have better conversion rates.
  • Do not bombard me with your emails. Use the KISS Method (Keep It Simple Stupid) and send 1 e-mail a few days after purchase asking how I am liking your product and maybe just so happen to mention a few of the other products you have that I might like. And then, send me another email a week later to follow up and ask me if I might have any further questions or might need any further assistance and let me know where I can follow you on social media in case I want to do so.

You win more bee’s with honey than vinegar, and you also get more loyal followers and repeat readers, when you have good content and don’t scare them away with bad marketing tactics.

Just my 2 cents. But, ultimately, you do you.

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