10 Lessons I Want My Kids to Learn

1. Love who you are. Plain and simple.

2. Respect yourself and Respect Others.

3. Be kind to everyone. You never know what someone is going through.

4. If it’s not your circus and not your monkeys, then don’t worry about it, talk about it or let it stress you out.

5. Learn to like to Move it, move it, and move your body, everyday.

6. Spend less time watching TV and more time outside.

7. Open your ears more than your mouth. Be kind or be quiet.

8. Don’t worry. Pray and let God do His job.

9. It’s the simple things. Learn to be happy with what you have and where you are- always choose joy.

10. Giving is better than receiving.

P.S. Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay 

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