Ways to Make Money on Your Blog…and No, it’s not Ad’s

Blogging shows up on almost all ways to make money from home lists, and you can make money with blogging, but, it doesn’t normally happen overnight.

It takes time to build your blog and your following, and it takes a LOT of hard work.

Ask 100 bloggers and I can guarantee they will tell you the same thing- blogging is a lot of work and it is definitely NOT a get rich quick option, but it is a great way to make money.

So, how can you make money blogging?

1. Affiliate Links

This is such an easy way to make some money. You have the initial work of getting the affiliate links into the post you write, but then, once they are in, they should work. This is a great way to generate passive income with your blog posts.

2. Selling Items, programs or courses

Ok, so, you can choose to set up a store on your blog, where you can either choose to sell items you make, programs or courses that you create, or dropship items that pertain to your blog and your space. Creating a program or course and selling it, or items like audios or printables, is another way to make the income generated this way passive, as your systems should be set up to automatically send the items once the order is placed. Choosing to set up a store and sell items you create or dropshipping will require further work on your part to package and ship items you create or place the orders for the items that are being dropshipped.

3. Social Media Influencer

Ok, so being a social media influencer, can be it’s own separate thing, and not attached to blogging, or it can be attached to blogging. But, with a blog, social media is very important in getting your blog to take off and building a community and a following. Why not also do this as a way to make some extra money?

4. Reviewing Products

So, for reviewing a product, you might not be compensated in actual spending money, however, if it is a product you use or need, it could help you to save your own money on such an item.

The sky is the limit with making money, from your blog or otherwise, so get creative and earn some moolah doing something you love!

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