It takes a Village

When I got pregnant, at 17, I never imagined motherhood to be what it has been. There have been many ups, many downs, and many in betweens. And when they say it takes a village, it truly has taken a village to get my boy to reach this point.

His pediatrician

Who has been his pediatrician since he was 19 months old and his newborn baby brother got RSV and was admitted to the hospital. He would swing him in his arms like his arms were the swing. Now, my boy matches his height. He has been there through the thick of it and has helped my boy immensely in him getting where he is today.

His amazing school

My boy got lucky and in the 4th grade we found an amazing school that has really gone above and beyond to help shape him educationally and personally. Teachers, resource room ladies through the years, support staff, bus drivers, janitors, lunch ladies, the counselor, and of course the principal (there have been 2) they have all offered my boy amazing support and I am so thankful we found this school

An awesome church

That has really embraced him and prayed for him and helped plant the seeds of faith that I hope will one day flourish into a cup overflowing.

A great job

That has allowed him to work and earn money while he was a teenager and to give him experience in the work field. This job allowed him to stop working in the treacherous winter and go back in the spring time and has been very accommodating through the next winter. They also offered him growth when he is old enough and ready, and he has a good group of managers and co-workers working around him.

Good People Along the way

Therapists, Friends, girlfriend, even strangers who have shown my boy kindness and offered him advice, support and friendship.

And of course, his family

I never could have done things alone- my mom has been right there along the way and really embraced Grandmother-hood when he was born. She has picked up where I could not carry on and vice versa. The remainder of family, aunts, uncles, etc has been a wonderful part of his life.

My “baby” will be 18 this year.

I am so thankful for the plan that God has in my boy’s life, and cannot wait to see where his life takes him. And I continue to pray that he will be surrounded by a good “village” as he continues to grow.

I hope in your life and in your own children’s lives that you have a good village to offer amazing support, you all deserve it.

P.S. Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay 

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