My 3 Favorite Meditations

Working from home can be stressful. Being a mother can be stressful. Actually, life in general can be stressful.

I had no knowledge about Meditating before doing a transcription job for a one time client. In her interviews, she spoke of doing 5 minutes of meditation daily, so, I also tried it.

Lo and behold, it was very calming and I felt so good doing the meditations.

And the best part? Meditation does amazing things for your body, like:

  • relieves stress
  • reduces anxiety
  • improves thinking and clarity

However, I fell off the meditating bandwagon, but I still have my favorite go to meditations.

Here they are in no particular order:

5 Minute Meditation Music – with Earth Resonance Frequency for Deeper Relaxation by SoundingsofthePlanet

5 Minute Inner Peace Guided Meditation | Female Voice by Meditation Inspiration

Starting the day in God’s presence: Guided mindfulness meditation (10 mins) by The Mindful Christian

P.S. If you like the image in the featured image- it is from: Image by Couleur from Pixabay