The Making Of At Home Simple

At Home Simple is a long time coming. Seriously.

I have had many other blog/website attempts. And the names were good.

  • Lemonade From Life
  • Six Figure Faith
  • Drive Me Crazy x6
  • Jessica Lynn Virtual

Just to name a few, however, I always felt something lacking and just couldn’t find my voice.

Sure, I had some posts that I really liked, on Six Figure Faith, but when I went from Blogging to Virtual Assisting, I had a free coaching session with someone from a FB group I was in and she said my website was cute but it was too busy and didn’t make sense. I had blog stuff, virtual assisting stuff, photography stuff. So, being me, I started separating it all and then lost my mojo and talked myself out of everything. Plus I got busy in client work and just let that be my life for the last 3 years. However, I feel like I have more in me and I feel like God has bigger plans for me so, I really wanted to start another blog.

The name….

However, the name. This was what tripped me up for almost 6 months. I knew I wanted to include the word simple, because I live simply, I strive for simple, and if you can be a minimalist with so many kids, I strive for minimalism. Don’t get me wrong, my house still gets messy and cluttered, but when it does, my brain also gets messy and cluttered, and I just do better when things are simple.

I also stay home. I like being on the go sometimes, and traveling sometimes, and I do get tired of being home ALL THE TIME, but really, more often than not, I am home. So, when I thought of At Home Simple, I was like, that’s it, that’s the one, I am at home and I am simple, so yes, winner winner chicken dinner.

But, I held off and didn’t register the name for a while because I found other names that I liked and thought about too. I ran all of the names by my mom and each time I would send her one she would come back with other suggestions. I finally got to the point of, NO- don’t give me more suggestions, just tell me yes or no.

Making the Leap

So, when I finally started At Home Simple, I knew it would take a lot of work. But, this go around it feels like things are just flowing. (So far!).

I am so excited to see where this venture goes. And I hope you will join me too!

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